The Clock Tower in Leicester

The Clock Tower Leicester is one of the famous landmarks in Leicester, United Kingdom. It is situated in the middle of the city within the circle-road, and has been at a similar spot where five major roads join: Gallowtree Road, Humberstone Road, Haymarket, Churchgate, and Eastgate. The office of StayDry damp proofing Leicester is not too far away from the tower.

The clock tower in Leicester
Leicester Clock Tower

This tall clock tower is perched on the top of a banked lawn about 300m from the road. The tower is constructed in the Gothic revival style and originally intended to be a tollhouse.

It is actually an open-air stone structure with a 3 level high clock tower. It consists of seven bells sounds which are played every twenty-four hours, by the City’s bell-man.

It is constructed of slate, bricks, and cement. The shadow of the tower does a wonderful dance over the buildings in the city as the sun moves from east to west daily. Due to its shape and position, it can be seen for miles no matter where you are in the city.

The Clock Tower has also become one of the most popular tourist spots in Leicester’s tourism industry. With it’s bustling city centre and scenic views of the river Soar, Leicester is a wonderful place to visit. Many visitors from all over the UK come to see this unique and quirky clock tower.

Its presence conveys an impression to many that Leicester does have culture and heritage, which has some truth to it. Also, during the middle ages, the clock tower was used as a monastery.

You can get to the clock tower by several main routes. The best way to reach it is by either walking or driving on Peel Street. By travelling in a southerly direction, it will be located at the corner of Peel Street and High St. You can also find it from its sister buildings at Cherry Street and St. Nicholas’ Street. If you want to visit the clock tower on a weekend, you can go on a week day.

The Lewes Royal Borough is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings in the area. All regulations are strictly adhered to. There are strict rules that must be followed by anyone who wishes to purchase land here.

It’s important for the people, businesses, and government to preserve the history of this glorious tower. They honour and cherish the history of Leicester and take whatever steps they deem necessary to protect it.

Still, that doesn’t mean that being a visitor here is stressful. It’s a rare chance to go back in time and see how the European world appeared to be while enjoying the modern amenities, comforts, and conveniences. If you happen to travel to or around the area, then make sure you take the time to enjoy the Clock Tower.

Aspiring property investors in this area but many properties that have a view of the Clock Tower, but these properties must adhere to the covenants and restrictions. Still, it is worth it given the view out the window.

The real dream is living in a city where you can leave the back doors open and hear the clock going off every 60 minutes. You’ll always feel connected with the globe around you if you do this! Even staying the night at one such place is well worth your time.