Leicester City Football Club

The Leicester City Football Club has been in existence for a long time and is housed in Leicester, England. When we are not tackling woodworm Leicester on Saturdays, we do try to watch the games live. This is a club that is an active participant in the Premier League and plays in England’s top football league.

The club was initially founded in the late-1800s and home was originally at Fossae Road. This was before the club eventually grew in statute and moved its home stadium to another ground on Filbert Street after a few years later. This is a football club that has become a part of English history due to its stature and success in the East Midlands.

The club’s biggest achievement continues to be the EPL title that it achieved during 2015-16. This was a title many believed they could not win but then the miracle ran began and it became news that spread right across the country.

It was a tremendous shock and one that will be remembered in football history forever. A club that had never previously finished higher than second (back in 1928) had suddenly transformed how they played and won the league. It is a story that will be remembered for many more years to come.

Leicester FC’s Stadium

The team has been moved around from ground to ground due to ownership changes and it is recently housed in King Power Stadium, south of Leicester’s Abbey Park. This is a large stadium that has constructed with state-of-the-art facilities making it one of the most modern grounds in the nation. The famous River Soar also runs close by.

The Club’s History

This football club has been around for many tears and it all began as Leicester Fossae by the old boys of Wyggeston School. At the time, they had secured membership with the English Football Association as an active participant. Over time, they moved and had many different home grounds and spent time in places such as Victoria Park and Belgrave Road Cycle.

Over time, this football club also spent time as a participant in the Midlands League, which eventually joined Division 2 of the Football League.

The club did well as it continues to grow in stature and it managed to get all the way to the first division in the early-1900s.

It was after the first world war when the football club went through a tough time because due to the financial repercussions of the war itself on the county’s economy. The club couldn’t keep up and that is when it became as we know it today, Leicester City Football Club.

The team continued to play well and it eventually put team together that played so well they ended up achieving success in Division Two. This included winning the title in 1924/25 and also finishing with the second-highest points for the league title.

With regards to football clubs, this is one that is steeped in history and is synonymous with what English football stands for. In recent years, it has truly grown in stature and is now right up there with the top football clubs in the country. The club attract unique talent and they are also continually building new facilities to stay up to par with modern standards in football.